Classic for
a reason

It has grabbed multiple academy awards for special effects, and today it’s a behind-the-scenes staple in most Hollywood blockbusters. Guessed what it is yet? Bring the classic green screen to your event! (Just don’t wear green.)

Flashmat Green Screen Photo booth GIF
Flashmat Green Screen Photo booth
Flashmat Green Screen Photo booth Bourjois Paris
Flashmat Green Screen Photo Booth Qatar Airlines

How does it work?

Looking to bring a theme to life or transport your guests to a magical place? Whether you're sending your guests to space or to visit the Prime Minister! Green Screen is perfect for this. 

Our Green Screen set-up is quick and compact, consisting of a green screen backdrop, LED lights and our Open Booth.  Here, we can upload unlimited backgrounds and set it up as a GIF or photo shoot for your guests. 

Tip: Props are a great addition! And you could even hire actors to impersonate famous 007 villains! (now that's an immersive experience!)

Flashmat Green Screen Photo booth

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