Show your beautiful mind

Our brainwave technology records the electrical activity of the brain and translates it to colourful visuals that are completely unique to the user. These colourful brain waves can be projected onto the user to produce striking portraits.

Flashmat Brainwave photo booth
Flashmat Brainwave Booth wave sample

How does it work?

What do your thoughts look like?


For a client showcase, and as a cool creative experiment, we asked people to wear an EEG headset to monitor brain activity, which amplified the electrical signals and recorded them as colourful wave patterns which were projected onto the viewer and photographed for a mesmerizing effect. The results were striking! Creating artwork that was unique to the user. 


Our Brainwave Booth provides an immersive and personal experience for people to discover what their thoughts look like. Inviting people to enter into their own minds – a vibrant dystopia of flowing shapes.

Aurora copy.png
Flashmat Brainwave Booth wave behind the scenes

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